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Matruvani Subscribers

First published in 1984, Matruvani is the spiritual guide to positive change. Available monthly (English and Other Indian Languages), each issue brings you Amma's messages, spiritual stories, devotees' experiences and much more.




1 year : Rs 50.00   |  3 years : Rs 125.00  |  5 years : Rs 200.00   |  Life (15 years) : Rs 500.00


You may need to avail the money transfer facilities (NEFT) to ensure your subscription.

The account details for the subscribers in India are as follows:

Please transfer the money to the account mentioned below, stating the name of the subscriber in the narration column.


Account No               : 005900100078774

Account Type            : Savings Bank

Bank                          : Dhanlakshmi Bank

IFSC Code                  : DLXB0000260

Customer Name      : Ms. Mathruvani

Place                         : Vallikavu, Amritapuri


After the money has been sent, please notify us via with the following details:

UTR number, date of transaction, name of Matruvani subscriber (which is stated in  narration  column), subscriber’s full address,amount, preferred language and the phone number of the remitter.If money is transferred through any branch of Dhanlaxmi bank by cheque, the cheque number and name of bank should also be furnished.




For any more queries contact us via